The benefits of pollen are well known. Initially, pollen is collected by bees and transferred to the hive on their legs. Then, pollen treated with bee nectar is carefully collected by beekeepers.
We offer pollen collected in generous Altai meadows.
The composition of flower pollen directly depends on the plant variety from which it was collected. It combines all types of pollen – a high content of trace elements, vitamins and minerals.
Altai pollen is rich in:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • fluoride,
  • Phosphorus, zinc.
    Natural pollen also contains a large amount of carotenoids and vitamins. Its composition includes:
  • Vitamins of group B
  • Vitamin PP
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
    Regularly consuming a small amount of pollen, you will help the body gain tone, stimulate metabolic processes and immunity. Pollen is a wonderful antitumor agent that will protect you from cancer. In addition, pollen collected in Altai fields will help normalize the sleep cycle and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Girls who regularly add pollen to cold sweet dishes retain their beauty and youth of their skin for longer, and also maintain excellent condition of nails and hair.
    Eat 1 teaspoon of pollen daily and keep your body healthy and beautiful.
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