Collecting & long-term storage

Barrels of liquid gold – flowerbee™ honey are intended for long-term storage under certain conditions for collecting purposes.

The conditions that should be ensured for long-term storage of flowerbee™ honey are: a room without access to light, with a constant temperature in the range of 9 to 12 ℃ (48-54F), ie conditions similar to wine storage (cooling cabinets).


each barrel of liquid gold – honey is secured with a special hologram seal made using the latest cryptography technologies with the unique serial number of the honey barrel burned out. Only such a barrel of honey is original and has a collector’s value.

Collectible Value

Each barrel of liquid gold – flowerbee™ honey can be used to store value over time. Economic analyzes indicate a stable increase in honey prices, regardless of inflation at the level of around 10% year on year.

We provide long-term storage services under special conditions that ensure constant temperature and no access to light. For this purpose, we have created the Honey Treasury project – honey for generations that are found in the safe underground tunnels of former gold mines.

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Interesting fact

Did you know that honey was discovered on the planet Earth from 5500 years ago, which after research showed unchanged nutritional value and taste and food values.

“Did you know that honey is one of the few foods that do not spoil?

During an excavation in Georgia in 2012, a 5,500-year-old pitcher of honey was found. The honey was still edible! It was crystallized – it is natural after such a time – but it was enough to put it in a vessel in warm water to regain its former consistency. Honey was found in the tombs of the pharaohs. In jugs like the one in the picture, honey was stored in Knossos, Crete, 1800 BC.

Honey owes its antibacterial properties to hydrogen peroxide, which is produced by the oxidation of glucose to gluconic acid – a reaction taking place under the influence of an enzyme in bees’ saliva called invertase. Honey is also preserved thanks to the content of flavonoids, compounds that act as antioxidants and have fungicidal properties. “ Source