Premium Kosher honey

flowerbee™ honey Kosher series

The entire process of obtaining and processing flowerbee™ honey is carried out in accordance with the principles of Kosher.

flowerbee™ honeys from the Kosher series are mainly obtained in central Europe, such as Malopolska and Podkarpacie, from the vicinity of cities such as: Krakow, Przemysl, Rzeszow, Zamosc and Tarnow.

Kosher liquid gold barrels – flowerbee™ honey are appropriately labeled:

Pure honey is considered inherently kosher, and therefore does not require a hechsher (certifying mark).

“Honey is kosher flower nectar, which enters the bee’s honey sac and is transformed into honey. The second opinion in the Gemara permits honey because of a g’zairas hakasuv, a deduction from a pasuk. Therefore, the halacha is that honey is kosher despite the fact that it comes from the non-kosher honeybee.” Source


Place to obtain flowerbee™ honey from the Kosher series:

Types of flowerbee™ honey from the Kosher series: