Classic Kosher Rapeseed honey

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Type: rapeseed honey

Ingredients: 100% natural bee honey

Net weight: 1050g (37 oz.)

Gift package: tube (optional)

Purpose: Food product. Suitable for collecting and as a gift


Harvest year: 2021

Geography of honey extraction: Subcarpathia, Poland

processing: hand made – Kosher

Single honey: it is honey from one beehive – an apiary, it is not a mixture of honeys

Calorific value: in 100g of honey, you will find 304 kcal. In 1 tablespoon, about 20 g of honey, you will find about 61 kcal

Series: The entire process of obtaining and processing flowerbee™ honey is carried out in accordance with the principles of Kosher. Get the details

Description: Rapeseed honey has a slightly straw color and a faint smell of rapeseed flowers. It crystallizes very quickly, small crystals have a white or cream color. It dissolves well in water. Helpful in the treatment of liver, pancreas, kidneys, digestive system, gastric and duodenal ulcers. It is recommended for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, heart failure, angina and atherosclerosis. It lowers blood pressure and compensates for potassium deficiencies in the body. Also effective for colds and inflammation of the respiratory tract. Accelerates wound healing. In the event of burns, it prevents the formation of blisters.

Minerals and vitamins: Rapeseed honey consists of about 80% sugar, and more precisely a mixture of glucose and fructose – very easily digestible carbohydrates. 

Minerals: potassium, cobalt, iron, calcium, sodium, manganese, phosphorus, copper

Vitamins: C, PP, B vitamins. Essential oils and enzymes: invertase, glucose oxidase, diastase.

Health effect: Thanks to carbohydrates, rapeseed honey is a source of easily digestible energy, which is especially needed by sick people, convalescents, as well as athletes and people subjected to high physical and intellectual effort.

Thanks to organic acids and vitamins, the benefits of rapeseed honey are possible, such as influencing the body’s immunity, improving its defensive and antimicrobial functions. It is worth emphasizing that all honeys, including rapeseed honey, contain certain amounts of antibacterial compounds – these are compounds of natural origin, necessary for the honey prepared by bees to remain fresh for a long time.

Storage: it is best to store the barrel in its own packaging – a tube, it provides adequate darkening and protects against rapid temperature changes (thermos effect). Optimum home storage temperature up to + 18℃ (64F) (the lower the better). The optimal temperature is around 9-12℃ (48-54F). See also collecting and long-term storage.

Ecology: our honeys are obtained in ecologically clean areas, away from industry and human centers. This is our priority!

The packaging materials we use are 100% recyclable and made of secondary raw materials. We mainly use: glass, steel, paper, wood. We do not use plastic.

Quality: each apiary is audited by us in terms of processing quality and ecology.

Each batch of honey is tested by an independent laboratory of the Institute of Horticulture, Apiculture Department in Puławy, Poland. Each batch of honey is examined by a local veterinarian.

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